About the Vintners 5 Miler

The Vintners 5 Miler was conceived by Sanford Winery’s Winemaker & General Manager, Steve Fennell. An avid runner, Steve dreamed of hosting a community inspired race in the beautiful Sta. Rita Hills. As a member of the Vintners Foundation Board, the idea was put in motion to host a unique event to benefit the Foundation and the local communities in which it serves.

The inaugural Vintners 5 Miler presented by the Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation was held on Saturday, July 25, 2015. The 1 Mile Wine Walk was added for the 2016 event.

The Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation

A sustainable vineyard. A sustainable community. A sustainable world. On a strong Foundation. The non-profit Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation is the charitable umbrella under which the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association conducts its philanthropic work. 

We welcome your consideration for a donation during your registration. Thank you! Find out more about the Foundation here: www.sbcountywines.com/vintners-foundation.html

2019 Beneficiary: Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is ending hunger and transforming the health of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition. They serve the community as a leader and expert in improving the nutritional health of our county through increased food security.

MISSION: Foodbank of Santa Barbara County’s mission is to end hunger and transform the health of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition.

APPROACH: The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is committed to taking a negative thing – hunger – and through our combined community efforts transforming it into a positive thing – health. This leap forward in health is achieved with three ingredients: food, education and empowerment. The challenges of Hunger, Nutrition and Obesity used to be separate areas dealt with by different approaches and by different agencies and groups. The Foodbank is now tackling all three of these problems at once – through a nationally recognized continuum of programs that provide cradle to graduation intervention in children’s lives.

This builds what they call their food literacy: their ability to look after themselves with food – to budget, shop cook and use food responsibly. If we can transform their relationship to food to being one of using it as a scarce and valuable resource to power their personal health, then that is going to create that tipping point that makes a huge transformation in the health of Santa Barbara County.

By supporting the Foodbank, you are also supporting the good work of 300 agencies and programs countywide.

Learn more at: foodbanksbc.org

Past Beneficiaries

Event Champions

Vintners 5 Miler Champions
2015: Ricky Ho, 30:08 | Dani Moreno, 31:48
2016: Ramiro Guillen, 27:07 | Dani Moreno, 32:30
2017: Ricky Ho, 30:50 | Mary Jones, 34:24
2018: Ramiro Guillen, 26:50* | Madelyn Vorgitch, 31:44
2019: Kris Brown, 28:34 | Madelyn Vorgitch, 31:20*
* = event record

Team Champions
2015: RMTC (Johnny Jimenez, Greshon Smith & Brian Illes), 1:33:22, top 3 average = 31:08
2016: The Screwcaps (Ricky Ho, Tim Strand, Andrea Schettler, Mark Fennell & Teri Malinowski), 2:52:24, top 5 average = 34:29
2017: Jay Kays (Craig Prater, Elizabeth Smith, Lisa Dosch, Stuart Sato & Erica Bjorndahl), 3:11:43, top 5 average = 38:21
2018: ITRC (William Stepler, Karla Jones, Cecil Baumgartner, Adrian Rosales & Genevieve Bromley), 3:07:48, top 5 average = 37:34
2019: POYO Studio (Kris Brown, Jason Smith, Dan Rudd, Adrienne Smith & Jim Sloan), 2:52:04; top 5 average = 34:25*
* = event record, 5-team