About the Vintners 5 Miler

The Vintners 5 Miler was conceived by Sanford Winery’s Winemaker & General Manager, Steve Fennell. An avid runner, Steve dreamed of hosting a community inspired race in the beautiful Sta. Rita Hills. As a member of the Vintners Foundation Board, the idea was put in motion to host a unique event to benefit the Foundation and the local communities in which it serves.

The Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation

A sustainable vineyard. A sustainable community. A sustainable world. On a strong Foundation. The non-profit Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation is the charitable umbrella under which the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association conducts its philanthropic work. 

We welcome your consideration for a donation during your registration. Thank you! Find out more about the Foundation here: www.sbcountywines.com/vintners-foundation.html

2018 Event Proceeds to Santa Ynez Valley Community Aquatics Foundation

The Santa Ynez Valley Community Aquatics Foundation was formed to provide a thriving Community Aquatics Complex to serve our entire community, with a focus on creating programming that closes the gap for under-served residents.

 The Foundations is already putting in place the programming elements that will be affordable (no-/low cost/sliding scale) and accessible to all 20,000-plus Valley residents. It is important to the Foundation that we outreach to target underserved populations, including:

  • Marginalized, low-income families subsisting on service-based and agricultural employment (nearly one-third of our population).
  • Hispanic, Chumash and other struggling youth with risk of early onset obesity and diabetes.
  • Seniors 60 and over who make up 20% of the overall population (one in five Valley seniors live in poverty).

The SYVCA's innovative joint use agreement with the Santa Ynez Union High District maximizes the value of existing valley-wide high school campus in a way that benefits all Santa Ynez Valley residents seven days a week, even when school is in session.

The SYVCA's partnership with the SYV YMCA will allow for expanded opportunities of their indoor only aquatics program for the identified needs of a true competitive swim program, a 3rd grade learn to swim program and general outdoor aquatic programs. All Valley youth will receive swim lessons by the time they reach 3rd grade. 

And for the first time in the Santa Ynez Valley, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute will deliver comprehensive health outreach programming. We will also collaborate with the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians and their Tribal Health Clinic for access to aquatic therapies, diabetes prevention and management as well as general wellness.

Event Champions

Vintners 5 Miler Champions
2015: Ricky Ho, 30:08 | Dani Moreno, 31:48
2016: Ramiro Guillen, 27:07 | Dani Moreno, 32:30
2017: Ricky Ho, 30:50 | Mary Jones, 34:24
2018: Ramiro Guillen, 26:50* | Madelyn Vorgitch, 31:44*
* = event record

Team Champions
2015: RMTC (Johnny Jimenez, Greshon Smith & Brian Illes), 1:33:22, top 3 average = 31:08
2016: The Screwcaps (Ricky Ho, Tim Strand, Andrea Schettler, Mark Fennell & Teri Malinowski), 2:52:24, top 5 average = 34:29
2017: Jay Kays (Craig Prater, Elizabeth Smith, Lisa Dosch, Stuart Sato & Erica Bjorndahl), 3:11:43, top 5 average = 38:21
2018: ITRC (William Stepler, Karla Jones, Cecil Baumgartner, Adrian Rosales & Genevieve Bromley), 3:07:48, top 5 average = 37:34